#1 Best Eye Makeup Remover Ever!

  • Removes all traces of makeup quickly and easily
  • Attracts waterproof / smudgeproof eye makeup like a magnet
  • Effective Micellar formula is super gentle for all skins
  • Melts lipstick and stubborn makeup off in a flash
  • Organic Jojoba and Argan Oil leave the skin hydrated and silky smooth

Tried and Tested by Top Beauty Bloggers

This best selling organic micellar cleansing milk removes all traces of surface dirt and impurities and makeup in a flash. A few pumps will remove all traces of makeup, including waterproof mascara, without rubbing or tears. Loves oil, dirt and the daily grime your skin collects.

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Absolutely #1 Best Eye Makeup Remover Ever

I've finally found the perfect makeup remover

It's taken off all of my eye makeup in just a few seconds

I'm really enjoying using this cleanser, it's super gentle on my skin

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is It The Same As Micellar Water?

Micellar waters are one-step cleanse and makeup remover and work well for light makeup and your morning cleansing routine. They don’t work for eye makeup, lips or foundation base.  

Our Organic Micellar Cleanser is a one-step cleanse, makeup and eye makeup remover. It’s the best eye makeup remover for waterproof mascara, smudgeproof liner, liquid liner, gel liner, and melts foundation and lipstick quickly and easily. 


Why Are Micellar Cleansers So Good At Removing Makeup and Eye Makeup?

Micellars have a lipophilic core, which means they are magnetically attracted to fat-soluble residues in makeup, foundation, eye makeup, lipstick and base.

Little micellars wrap themselves around the dirt and makeup and lift them off the skin. Not only do micellars love oil, they have water-soluble shells which cleanse your skin leaving it feeling fresh, clean and calm. Dissolves all makeup with rubbing!

Simply rinse away the surface grime and cleanse your skin of the day.  If you prefer, you can remove with cotton pads or a facial cloth. 

How Long Will It Last?

This best selling organic cleanser comes in a 200ml alucan with pump top. One pump will cleanse a whole face, including eyes, using the spa-cleanse. Or 2 – 3 pumps if you’re a dry cotton wool fan.

One bottle will last 30 – 90 days with twice daily usage.

Is It Safe To Use On The Eyes?

Yes, it’s a certified organic formula and suitable for all skins, including super sensitive.

It’s safe to use on and around the eyes to remove all types of eye makeup quickly and easily, and without rubbing. We believe this cleanser is the best eye makeup remover you’ll ever use! And it’s full of organic plant ingredients that are really good for your skin!

Certified Organic, Vegan approved and suitable for all skin types.

Is It Easy To Use?

This is the best cleanser you’ll ever use. No messing about with cloths and stacks of cotton pads. Simply pump the micellar straight into your hands and massage on, paying particular attention to areas of heavier makeup.

Or apply directly to a damp cotton wool pad, muslin face cloth or organic bamboo pad and wipe the face.

For eye makeup – we recommend you hold the pad over the eye for a few minutes to start to break up the makeup, before wiping away clean.

If you’re a makeup pro – apply directly to the eye lid using your ring finger. Work the cleanser into the makeup. Gently roll your lashes between your fingers to loosen mascara before you wipe off.

Rinse to finish for a clean, fresh and glowing skin.

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Customers Are Loving This Easy-To-Use Cleanser

So I started using the Organic Cleansing Milk about a month ago or so. And I have to say I'm quite pleased with the results so far. Typically I would have redness around the mouth area. It's definitely improved my skin. The texture of my skin is softer, there isn't that tight feeling after I've taken off the cleanser. I find it's really good for taking off any stubborn makeup. I'm very pleased with it.

Áine Ireland

I’m 57 and use this product and find it brilliant very happy with my clean healthy younger looking skin would recommend it to all

Bernadette Ireland

When it comes to taking off all of my makeup in the evening, I just wanted to say how well the Micellar Cleanser has been working for me. I just put a few pumps on to a cotton pad and hold it on my eye for a little bit. Then it all comes off in a few wipes. I've just never had that before with other cleansers. I'm really enjoying using it so far. It's really hydrating on my skin. It's really, really good and it's a really good, generous size bottle. I would definitely recommend it.

Ciara Ireland

To say I am pleased is a massive understatement!!!  I could not be happier with the cleanser and left my skin feeling soft, clean and more hydrated.

Jill Ireland
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So I've always found when I've taken my eye makeup off at night time, it always feels a little bit oily around the eyes.  I don't like the feeling. And when I wake up in the morning, I've always got that panda eye effect. I just hate it.

So for the last couple of months I've been using Micellar Cleansing Milk and absolutely feel in love with it. I wake up in the morning and there's no panda eyes, I finally got rid of them. There's no black marks from my mascara on the bedding. Absolutely #1 best eye makeup remover ever 😉

Lucy Staffordshire, UK

Hi, I'm super excited because I finally found the perfect makeup remover. I've been using it for about 2 weeks now and I just couldn't be happier. It's made with organic ingredients and you just need this one product to remove all your makeup. That's your foundation, your mascara, even waterproof mascara and your lipstick. It takes me about 1 minute to remove all my makeup and my skin looks soft, hydrated and a happy 65 year old skin. Happy skin, happy me 🙂

Jan Herefordshire, UK

I often wear smudgeproof liner on the lower lash line and gel liner flicks on my top lash line, as well as mascara. I've tried absolutely everything on the market and nothing has ever removed my eye makeup properly like Micellar Cleanser. It's a beautiful, lightweight texture so I don't get left with that greasy, oily film over my eyes that you get with oil-based eye makeup removers. It dissolves my lipstick in one wipe and all of my makeup comes off on the first cleanse. I just absolutely love this product. Please don't change anything about it because it's absolutely perfect! xxx

Nina London, UK

How Is Organic Micellar Cleanser Different From Other Makeup Removers?

  • The best eye makeup remover on the market
  • Removes waterproof mascara and smudgeproof eyeliner quickly and easily
  • Melts lipstick and stubborn makeup off in a flash
  • Organic Jojoba and Argan Oil leave the skin hydrated and silky smooth
  • Removes all traces of makeup, oil, dirt and the daily grime without rubbing
  • Formulated by spa experts for use on all skin types and conditions, even super sensitive


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