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Facial Rejuvenation Tool For Home


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Nano Skin Refining is the only non-invasive treatment which does not injure, tear or damage the skin. It feeds your skin nutrients, rather than forcing them in with invasive and damaging implements and treatments. Due to the innovative way the Nano tips penetrate the top layer of the skin your beauty products absorption rate goes from approximately 30% if just applied to the skin up to 70% after using the Nano Skin Refiner

* Beauty Forum – Readers’ Choice 2019 Award Winner – ‘Best Skin Treatment Device’

4 in stock

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What Is It

A new and innovative skin tech device that is both portable and easy to use.  A unique, nano-sized silicone tip design painlessly penetrates the top layer of skin.  These invisible channels allow the powerful active ingredients to pass evenly into the depths of the skin, resulting in a firm glowing complexion without any downtime.

Couple with your choice of active serums for a custom-made aesthetic skin treatment that you can do anywhere, even when traveling. 

Skin Benefits

Visibly smooths the skin and refines pore size. 

Stimulates the skin’s production of natural collagen without the pain and discomfort of needling.

Softens the appearance of scarring and refines skin imperfections. 

Energises the skin, gives you a youthful firmness and radiance. 

Plumping effect from micro-hyaluronic acid. 

Is safe and gentle enough to be used over sensitive areas such as around the eyes, nose and neck area. 

Easy to use over facial hair.

Disposable nano-tip for ultimate hygiene.   

Tell Me About Nanoneedling?

Nano Needling is the painless, gentle, yet effective option for those that are sold on the benefits of needling, but don’t want the painful, red-raw inflammation and bleeding associated with it. Each nano silicone tip measures just ⅓ the width of a single hair strand, but has the power to drive active ingredients into the skin.  

With 3 intensity settings ranging from gentle to intense, you can customise each treatment to perfectly match with your skin’s needs. 

With 3 skin-active serums to choose from, it increases skin absorption by 70%, compared with the normal range of 30% without it. 

For all skin types/all skin concerns   

First time charging via USB takes around 30 minutes. The device is fully charged once the red light turns green. 

Prepare For Treatment 

Remove makeup and/or cleanse skin with Micelle Cleansing Milk 

Take your chosen serum and remove the hygiene tip by unscrewing. 

Insert the serum cartridge into the end of the device, with the nano tip facing outwards, and push until you hear it click in to place.  

Pop in the guard ring with the smooth side facing outward. 

Turn On The Device

Press and hold the power button for two seconds. 

Select your preferred level, using the power button to navigate; 




Begin The Treatment

Place the vibrating tip directly on the skin, pressing gently before lifting off. 

Move sequentially to cover each section of the treatment area.  

One serum cartridge should be sufficient for one treatment, covering the face, neck and décolleté.

Gently press any remaining serum into the skin using the palms of your hands. 

Finish with either Anti-Stress Masque for the ultimate spa date with your skin, or apply SKINthings Care Complex Creme.

Use once/twice weekly. 


For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. In case of contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly with clean water. Keep out of reach of children.

1 review for Facial Rejuvenation Tool For Home

  1. Jan Fuller (verified owner)

    I just had to write and say how thrilled I am with my skin after using the Refiner Nano and SkinThings Creme. This is my first experience with Nano needling and it couldn’t be easier. The service I received from Revilo was first class and my purchases arrived quickly and beautifully packaged. I also purchased the Day and Night Creme which I can honestly say is the best moisturiser I have ever used. My skin feels fantastic and I can’t wait to use the Nano again. Thank you Revilo! 😀

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