The Skin Refiner EXPRESS Facial

The award winning non-invasive skin refiner facial helps stimulate collagen for the best anti-ageing effect


Instant Results No Downtime

Suitable For Every Skin Type

Plumper, Firmer, Glowing Skin

30 minutes

A combination of gentle stimulation of the skin using the award winning Skin Refiner Nano, different sized hyaluronic acid molecules (the smaller ones go deeper while the larger ones work nearer the surface), combined with powerful active ingredients are delivered into the skin for fabulous facial results with no downtime

Recommended 1 treatment every week

  • Helps to plump Fine Lines / Wrinkles / Reduce And Prevents Redness / Reduce and Prevents Pigmentation
  • Balancing The Skin and Refining Pores
  • Helping Stimulate Collagen

Increases the rate of absorption from approximately 30% when applying products directly to the skin up to 70% using the Skin Refiner Nano

  • Leaves skin visibly radiant, plumper and glowing with hydration
  • Helps stimulate collagen for the best anti-ageing effect
  • Pleasant and painless with disposable silicone tip
  • Gentle, safe and hygienic
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